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Gatestone has announced the launch of the Gatestone Gives Community Initiative in response to the growing challenges communities face as they deal with the ongoing pandemic. There has been an alarming increase in food insecurity across the board, which is sadly affecting the wider communities in which Gatestone operates.


The Gatestone Gives Scholarship Program has been created to provide employees with financial support and opportunities to further their education.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, you must be a current employee at Gatestone and have been employed with Gatestone for at least 12 months.


During this pandemic, there has been a threefold increase in some of our communities, in the number of new consumers using food banks, meaning a worrisome number of people lack access to adequate food, including not being able to afford balanced meals and, at the most extreme, going hungry. The Gatestone Gives Community Initiative will focus heavily on supporting food banks in cities where Gatestone operates, with committed financial support, along with management and employee volunteer drives through to the end of 2021. This is a global initiative contributing to geographies including North America, Central America and Asia.

Gatestone Gives Scholarship Application Form

Thanks for submitting!

Applicants must also meet all of the following criteria:
•    Must be a citizen or permanent resident
•    All candidates must apply using the Gatestone online scholarship application form to be eligible.

•    If awarded a scholarship, the recipient must be enrolled into program within 150 days from date of announcement.

•    Must submit application form and submit questionnaire to


•   Application form and questionnaire must be submitted between October 1st - October 15th.

Selection Process
•    Gatestone's Scholarship Committee will review all applications and decide on the 5 winners.

Application Questionnaire

In a word document or pdf, please answer the following questions and e-mail the document to

Please answer the following questions with a maximum of 300 words for each.
1.     Tell us about yourself.
2.    Which program of study and why?
3.    How will this scholarship help you?
4.    Why do you deserve this scholarship?

*Please also include any copy of your transcript.

Questions? Contact us at

All scholarship award decisions are final and are not subject to appeal





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