Gatestone continues to give back to hospitals & healthcare providers

TORONTO & PHOENIX --(NEWSWIRE)--Gatestone & Co. (, an industry leader providing Business Process Outsourcing, Omnichannel Contact Center and Customer Experience Services across sectors, has begun 2021 by assisting Government Departments and Agencies in rolling out a number of critical COVID-19 related initiatives. As part of Gatestone Health, a health-focused business unit within Gatestone, these initiatives include the operation of Vaccination Coordination Centers, helping support the needs of tens of millions of citizens, residents and visitors.

Gatestone Health assists various levels of Government and Healthcare providers to deliver timely, flexible and comprehensive solutions to managing public inquiries regarding COVID-19. Gatestone has diligently served the healthcare industry since 1989. We understand the confidential and sensitive nature of the work and, as is true across all of Gatestone, we deliver our services with the skill, respect and professionalism that should never be taken for granted. Gatestone’s continued growth and success rests in our ability to bring people, process, technology and data together, thoughtfully and rapidly. This expertise is particularly critical in helping our customers overcome the myriad challenges they face as they seek to launch effective COVID-19 programs in a short period of time. The especially high visibility and urgency of this work demands engaging a proven service provider with the rare combination of organizational excellence and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

Gatestone Health’s work spans requirements directly related to COVID-19 and vaccination programs including, enquiries, registration, directions, forwarding and advice, appointment setting and scheduling, reminder services, online application management, technical troubleshooting, referrals from domestic or international sources and reporting, whether organizational, public or regulatory. Our capabilities also allow us to support provider sites related to vaccine delivery including, operations, provisioning, training and cold chain management. Delivering services 7 days a week and in multiple languages, Gatestone brings an ability to quickly scale, implement and respond to complex emergency and surge requirements.

In appreciation of frontline healthcare workers, Gatestone has also continued to provide financial support to Hospitals and Healthcare providers as part of the Gatestone Gives Community Initiative. This funding will go towards new medical equipment and PPE to help our frontline workers.

“During this unprecedented pandemic, it is incredibly important for us to support those who are putting themselves at risk for the greater good. As we see the COVID-19 situation evolve, we need to provide as much support as we can. We believe our Gatestone Gives Community Initiative will continue to have a positive impact for our frontline workers and encourage others to do the same.” said Nicholas Wilson, Gatestone Chairman & CEO.

Since 1926, Gatestone & Co has been providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Contact Center solutions to a variety of markets globally. Gatestone offers fully-integrated multilingual facilities, speaking over 53 languages and dialects, operating 24 x 7 x 365, located in North America, Central America and Asia. Gatestone continues to make large investments in the latest technologies, processes, facilities and talent. This channeled investment helps ensure the delivery of quality service and value to clients, while elevating customer satisfaction and experience. Gatestone & Co is The Heartbeat of the Digital Experience. For more information on how Gatestone can help serve your customers or constituents better, or help overcome operational challenges you may be facing, learn more at

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