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Our expertly qualified associates offer Omni-channel technical support 24 x 7 x 365 


We offer technical support programs utilizing all the Omni-channels to a variety of products and services (24 x 7 x 365). Our award winning customer facing associates are trained to resolve technical issues and apply the optimum solutions for specific problems with a product or service. 


Some of our Technical Support programs include: 

  • Mobile phones, televisions and computers 

  • Software products or other electronic or mechanical  goods 

  • Call in support 

  • Remote computer repair 

  • Managed services: 

    • Monitoring of servers 

    • Help desk support for computers 

    • Project management 

    • Crowd sourced technical support (forums and discussion boards) 

    • Do-it-yourself or self-help 

    • Multi-tiered Technical support 

      • Tier 0 

      • Tier 1 

      • Tier 2 

      • Tier 3 

      • Tier 4


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